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We see that your curiosity about this page has helped you stumble across the ‘Submissions’ section. If you too want to voice your opinions and thoughts as a member of the JGU community, thank your curiosity, because you’ve come to the right place! We accept photos, videos, written pieces and papyrus scrolls filled with hieroglyphics that are honest and diverse in their portrayal of JGU. All submissions can be sent to


Please keep the following points in mind, however, when writing for us:


Your work should be related to the University, or to life in the University. It should not promote any one school – JGLS, JSIA. JSLH, JSGP or JGBS. Your work must not be injurious to the reputation of the University, its students or staff.It should not be plagiarized. It should not contain expletives or derogatory content.The Student Corner disclaimer will apply to guest articles as well, and you can view the same on our website.You will have to take complete responsibility for your writing.Revisions and changes will be made if necessary, at the discretion of the Student Corner Team.


You are welcome to submit articles that have been published elsewhere, as long as the rights to publish said article remains with you.Please submit articles in the form of a Word Document (.docx or .doc format). Photos and short clips can be submitted in .jpeg and .gif formats. Videos will have to be uploaded to YouTube and the link to the same has to be sent to us.You will be given credit for your articles. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, please mention the same.If you do send us papyrus scrolls with hieroglyphics, we’ll most probably publish them without any edits because we wouldn’t really understand them. All other articles will be reviewed and edited if necessary. You’ll be informed before any edits are made, however.We hope to see the pictures you’ve painted –with words, cameras, or both and we hope that they will become a part of the voice that JGU uses to speak, through the student corner.


Happy Greating!

Team JGU Student Corner