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Energy Sustainability

Amongst the many initiatives that University has undertaken in this regard, some noteworthy are the following:

  • The entire campus is equipped with energy efficient lamps, which save between 40-50% of energy used to illuminating the campus.
  • 20% of campus’ (which includes student residences) hot water requirement is met by Solar Water Heaters of capacity 100 litres per day. We have installed around 85 such Solar Water Heaters.
  • The Academic Block is installed with 344 Solar Power Panels which feed around 10% of the domestic load of the Block.
  • All transformers and motors used for services in the campus have high energy efficiency standards, per the norms of Energy Conservation Building Code. The Code is the initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India (2007) which aims to promote energy efficiency in building sector. The Code was designed by an Expert Committee set up by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, with support from United States Agency for International Development, in addition to various stakeholders like architects, government institutions, educational institutions and consultants.
  • Campus is installed with CFL lights that consume mere 45 watts of power, in place of the commonly used metal halide bulbs which consume 250 watts.
  • The Water Harvesting System of the campus is extensive. Through the help of 38 rain water harvesting pits (both single and double bore) on the ground scattered at different locations. This helps maintain and recharge the water table below the ground.
  • The waste water from the campus undergoes treatment in Sewage Treatment Plant installed in the campus. With capacity of 310 kilo litres per day, the Plant helps treat the water which can then be recycled for agriculture and horticulture purposes, in addition to other miscellaneous use.
  • University’s Transport Policy is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We promote use of shared cabs and offer our own fuel efficient vehicles for plying our guests. For campus tour, we have two battery operated vehicle (golf carts). Usage of vehicles inside the campus is forbidden for students, however, there are around 30 bicycles for them to use.
  • Such efforts are conscious reminders of our contribution to environment sustainability. The above mentioned investments reflect the efforts as of present, and we are constantly engaged in expanding the same.