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During Examinations

Students are instructed to strictly abide by the general guidelines for student conduct during examinations, contained in the Student Guidelines

Students must arrive 10 minutes before the start of the examination, and check the seating plan, posted outside the examination venue. If a student’s name does not appear in the seating plan, the student should immediately proceed to the Examinations Office. Students are required to sit at the desk which has the Student ID No. on it, and keep their Student ID card out. If the student does not have their ID card, they are requested to report to the Examinations Office immediately. No student will be allowed to write an examination without their ID card.

Students may not enter the examination venue 15 minutes after the start of an examination, or leave 15 before the end of the examination. If the student is delayed to the examination venue, they must first report to the Examinations Office, where they will be allowed to proceed to the examination venue only upon the showing of extenuating circumstances. No extra time will be allowed under any circumstances.

Students must not carry any mobile phone, smart watch, mp3 players, or other technological gadget with them. Calculators are allowed where the examination specifies. Strict action will be taken against a student found with a prohibited device. For further information on what constitutes unfair means, and the relevant rules and procedures, please refer to the relevant extracts from the First Ordinance of O.P. Jindal Global University, which can be found here.