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Multiple transitions are occurring at the global level and higher education systems across the world are in varying degrees of transformation. National education systems are increasingly becoming interconnected with global and regional trends. They are also highly impacted by dramatic changes in technology, economic development and intensification of the cultural dimension of globalisation processes.

As a consequence, national educational systems and individual institutions are increasingly dependent on development of educational innovations, organisational forms, and practices. The assessment of consequential impacts of technology, demographic shifts, social expectations and intercultural exchanges is becoming ever more critical for policy making and institutional development of higher education institutions both in India, the region, and across the world. Studying the interconnected dimensions of global, regional and Indian higher education systems has become an imperative for fostering excellence at the level of institutions and at the national levels.

The Centre for Global Higher Education Futures (CGHEF) will work towards identifying systemic level trends, developing scenarios at local and global levels, and advancing strategic insights that would have an impact on policy, institution building, pedagogical styles, and research.

CGHEF will invite contributions from leading experts, renowned scholars and practitioners in the areas of educational technology, economy, organisational studies, pedagogy, and creativity to contribute to ongoing debates on transforming educational systems to match the demands of students, parents, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Some of the key themes on which the Centre will focus include:

  • Educational organisation innovations that have potential to foster excellence in higher education systems
  • The role of educational leadership and its impact on institution building to meet contemporary and future needs
  • Developments in pedagogical practices and knowledge that would enhance learning, creativity and professional and demographic participation
  • Ongoing trends in national and global research ecosystems and their implications for Indian higher education excellence
  • The future of professional education with particular reference to the ethical dimensions of professional practice
  • Educational spaces, aesthetics and visual and performing arts in creating an enabling environment for learning in higher education institutions
  • The impact of ongoing globalisation and internationalisation of higher education system on various facets of higher education institutions
  • Educational technology and its relevance to pedagogy, research and organisational practices
  • Development of financial models and practices that create sustainable institutional growth