JIBS is committed to continuously expand its interdisciplinary and collaborative research in areas including behavioural sciences, law, forensics, policy making and other disciplines.


As part of our community engagement, we offer many free and paid short term courses dealing with a variety of topics that can benefit professionals and academicians.


The Peer Educator is a pioneering idea that capitalizes on the reality that students are often more open and willing to talk about their issues to their peers and seniors.

Research Centers
Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies (CVPS)

Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies (CVPS) works on the various aspects of victim and offender psychology to produce constructive research towards holistic rehabilitation of victims.

Centre for Leadership and Change (CLC)

Centre for Leadership and Change (CLC) focuses on the process of creating directional alignment, which we call leadership development.

Featured Events


09:00 AM , O. P Jindal University O. P Jindal University

Course on Special Educational Needs Counselling (SENCo)

09:00 AM , O. P Jindal University O. P Jindal University

Course on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Detangling Myth from Fact)

09:00 AM , O. P Jindal University O. P Jindal University

intellectually diverse

Our cohesive team of researchers come from a diverse area of knowledge and expertise, to benefit each other, and the entire JGU community by providing training to students and professionals and facilitating collaborative research.

Globally Focused Research

In collaboration with several national and international researchers and organizations, we investigate new and upcoming aspects of various disciplines in order to produce quantitative and qualitative research that will help national and international bodies in societal, legislative, rehabilitative and policy reforms.

Student Scholarships

Every year, our faculty members engage student researchers in ongoing research projects to help them inculcate better research skills and ethics as well as familiarise them with various research methodologies and assessment techniques. To this end, we also offer limited, monthly scholarships to outstanding students for their exemplary performance and contribution.