B.Com (Hons)

B.Com (Hons)

start date

01 Aug’ 2018

End date

31 Jul’ 2021


3 Years



Annual Tuition Fee

Rs. 4.0 Lacs

The three-year fully residential B.Com.(Hons.) degree programme is designed to give students a unique and global perspective through a world-class pedagogy of learning and interaction among peers. Today’s global economy rewards who can travers borders, understand cultures and operate in international context. With industry focus, this programme aims to make students well-versed in contemporary commerce and business practices that will need to get jobs in industry.

Distinctive Features

Foundation Courses- A strong foundation is provided through liberal arts/ social science courses with emphasis on creating the right attitude. Endeavour is to build a broad foundation and critical skillset necessary to succeed in business, environment. 

Core Courses- The design and delivery of B.Com. (Hons.) programme is innovative and unique. A strong foundation is provided though basic and multidisciplinary courses with emphasis on creating the right attitude to success in business environment. The academic focus will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully for challenging positions in industry, government, non-profit organizations and civil services. 

Skill-Based Courses- The program lays a lot of emphasis on skill-based courses to equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle issues commonly encountered in day to day work life, and compete successfully. 

Elective Courses- The uniqueness of the program lies in the amalgamation of business education with law, public policy and international affairs, in addition to your specialization-specific elective. The students have the opportunity of opting for a variety of subjects from other schools- a flexibility which only a few universities in India offer. The various schools of JGU offer cross-listed courses which are open to all students of the university. These are called the cross-registered courses.

USP/Salient features of KPMG Course for Accounting Professionals (KCAP)

  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Competence building of core concepts with practical insight
  • Experienced KPMG faculty, Accredited trainers with extensive knowledge & experience of Finance & Accounting Sector
  • KPMG proprietary learning material
  • Hybrid learning – through a mix of classroom sessions & Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Practical aspects of accounting
  • Current accounting practices across industries also covering basic concepts of International accounting
  • Each session covers the theoretical aspects of each topic as well as the practical issues

USP/Salient features of CMA Certification 

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Course Structure