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The Centre for UN Studies at JGU was established in 2015 with the aim to:

  • Identify knowledge gaps and undertake individual and collaborative research related to the UN institutional developments and its role in international peace and security, human rights, sustainable development, climate change etc. and publish the outcomes of this research.
  • Engage with partner universities, think-tanks and other academic bodies in India and abroad to analyse, brainstorm and issue recommendations as to how to reform and strengthen the UN system.
  • Organize public lectures, conferences, workshops, debates and other events, facilitating exchange of experiences and viewpoints, disseminating knowledge on the UN, engaging faculty and students in deliberations and discussions on most pressing contemporary global issues.
  • Organize career events for students interested to work in the UN and its vast network of agencies, inviting representatives of UN agencies based in Delhi or visiting UN practitioners.



The Centre formulates collaborative research projects, each having its specific partnership, focus, scope, budget and implementation schedule. Normally a project will run between 2 and 3 years, engaging a dozen of scholars and will result in edited books or special issues in academic journals. Projects will normally start with a planning meeting, followed by concept drafting, a scope conference with partners, donors, beneficiaries, call for papers, project workshop followed by editing books or special issues in journals. The publications will be promoted at book launches and presentations at academic conferences.