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Student Experiences

Affiliation with CES has been instrumental in developing my knowledge on topics like Regionalism, Interregionalism and Political Economy. Regular interaction with the faculty at CES not only helped me identify my research interests but also learn to systematically conduct my research in these areas. I can easily say that the course ‘Europe and the World’ was the most interesting course I took at JSIA. The various readings provided and the student led seminar discussions provided for an enriched learning experience during the course. 

I spent a semester as an exchange student at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) in Chile where I took courses with a focus on Latin America as well as advanced Spanish Language courses. While pursuing the MADLB, I got the opportunity to work as an intern at the think tank Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) in New Delhi where my paper on the trade bloc Mercosur was published in February 2013. I continued to pursue my research interests utilizing my experience as an exchange student at PUCV in Chile, as a research intern at ICWA and the courses I took at JSIA by choosing to do my dissertation on the topic ‘The Political Economy of Interregional Relations: Understanding Interregionalism between the European Union and the Latin American and Caribbean Region’ at CES.

I am currently working at the Embassy of Perú in New Delhi at their Economic and Commercial Wing.

Purnima Kajal - MA(DLB) 2011-2013

Coming from a humanities background, I was always inclined to study IR and with the purpose of bringing my research interests to fruition, I became a part of the Centre for European Studies. The mainstream division of the centre in three research groups drew my attention and I found myself profoundly interested in understanding the various paradigms attached to the region, except for its marked boundaries that define it from the outside.The information process through various seminars and lectures was challenging yet very informative.

After a series of events and readings I found myself highly disposed to study cosmopolitanism and socio-political aspect of Europe via a lens of multiculturalism. The study abroad programme at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, further provided me with ample research material to intensify my research interest, and while there, I also wrote a paper on multiculturalism in Europe. It also inspired me to conduct my research and write my MA dissertation on Cosmopolitanism in Europe. Later, amidst all the informative CES Europe in context seminars, one by Prof. Idesbald Goddeeris, on Mental mapping: Europe’s internal borders from a historical perspective, gave a fresh outlook to the region which helped me understand the focus areas that I needed to study. Doing my research under CES and the mentoring I received not only helped me attain a perspective, it also inspired me to conduct my research with sheer dedication.

After conducting my MA dissertation in CES, I was also inspired to take the research further and do a Ph.D. in the same. And thus, I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in European and International Studies at King’s College, University of London.
The research journey at CES has been highly enlightening and I was able to identify my genre of studies. 

Sasanka Kanuparthi - MA(DLB) 2013-2015

Based on the emphasis laid in the classroom while doing the course on Europe and the World, contentious issues like Reconciliation, Nationalism, European Identity, etc. caught my imagination and my interest to engage with the area of study increased. The guidance I received through the readings and the course instructor on case study analyses and theories, especially pertaining to the breakup of the Former Yugoslavia was instrumental in creating the necessary knowledge base. The consequences of Identity Politics and Nationalism in the Balkans intrigued me to the extent that I began to look for study and internship opportunities.

I recognized the need to pursue an internship concerning the conflicts in the Balkans and took up an opportunity in the multi-ethnic yet divided country of Bosnia & Herzegovina, to understand the workings of Reconciliation in a post conflict society. My learning in the internship was focused on appreciating the political and administrative challenges, methodical asymmetry in reconciliation programs and the domestic hurdles in implementing them as these remain to be some of the major issues that require restructuring. Keeping in the mind the future of the relationship between states in a post-war transition phase and EU, there is a need to work towards lasting solutions. After going through a valuable learning curve in Bosnia, I plan to take up an opportunity to study a semester abroad at KU Leuven in Belgium to establish a higher level of understanding in the specific fields of conflict in Eastern Europe and Balkans to be able to analyze, articulate the recommendations and probable steps for resolution.

Khushboo Saif - MA(DLB) 2011-2013

I have obtained my Bachelors in Political Science (Honors). I was keen in pursuing an interdisciplinary course in International Relations, thus joined Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA). I was fortunate to be a part of European studies center at JSIA. The holistic approach, individuality of the subject, the committed teaching staff, path breaking methodology and its execution galvanized my experience to perfection. It was an amalgamation of professional display and quality academic interaction.  

Being a part of Center for European Studies gave me an opportunity to enhance my understanding of Islam in Europe as I attended my fall semester studies at Katholieke Universitiet Leuven, in the Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives (MAES) program. I undertook three modules: Introduction to Islam; European Perspectives on Religion and The Linguistic Aspects of Ethno- Cultural Diversity. These modules gave me a significant amount of clarity on my field of interest for further study. I have an in-depth knowledge of International Relations and European Studies. I have also written my dissertation on ‘Euro- Islam and Islamic Feminism’ as I wanted to understand that why Muslim women are denied their rights in the name of their religion- Islam.

I found the seminars in CES useful in many ways: it gave me a perfect synopsis of the comprehensive series of the academic discussions, a great network and fantastic sources.

I am presently working at G. D. Goenka University where this interdisciplinary approach is being incorporated. 

Uma Singh -MA (DLB) 2012-2014

My experience in studying at CES in JSIA and at Leiden University has been extremely valuable. Frequent discussions, reading materials and presentations broadened my learning and gave me a clear perspective of things. Two years of intense and vast learning experience has given a new direction and perspective towards building my future prospects much better.Along this journey of knowledge, I realized my interest towards European studies and hence from my second semester, I specifically took courses related to European perspectives, especially in environmental studies based on European Union and Germany and their active role as a leader in Climate Change. 

This interest in the environment from European lens led me to do a study abroad in my third semester at Leiden University, in the Netherlands which gave me an opportunity to personally see the European way of life by interacting with renowned professors and students from all across the world. I took courses in Humanities and behavioral sciences which opened my knowledge towards diversity, environment and society.  Here, I learnt some basic but important ways to write project proposals which would definitely help me in the future.  Also, chairing an audience was the experience which I undertook for the first time here. I remember being very nervous and even spoke for more time than what was required and was thus marked negatively. But in all, I took it as a learning experience. 

While writing my dissertation on the topic, ‘Strategic partnership between EU and India on Climate Change’, I felt that both, India and EU have a great scope to work towards climate change. EU and India through multilateral cooperation can become examples for other countries to work towards a better healthier environment. Now that I have got my MA (D.L.B), I intend to work towards environmental governance.