Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic has been a part of JGLS since its inception in 2009. Clinic exists with the sole aim of bridging the gap between what law promises to offer and the actual reality of law. It follows the model of good governance through citizen participation, which believes that good governance will come about only when citizens at all levels of our democracy effectively participate.

The clinical legal education seeks to impart practical knowledge of law to students. The aim of starting the clinic was not only to bring future lawyers face to face with the harsh realities of law, but also by giving ourselves the opportunity to use and implement the law even before entering the professional world. Since 2009, the members of the society have engaged effectively with the rural communities by building a rapport with the communities, by understanding their concerns, after which they are connected to the district authorities, through the processes of law. This process engages communities on a weekly basis, organizing conferences, conclaves, interventions within our surroundings and unique creative methods (Eg: theatre performances).

Achievements by the Society

1) GAJE, shortlisted it among the top three entries, for its award for clinics. 2) V.M. Salgaocar College Along With UNDP has recognized it as the best model being followed by any law school in India.
3) Best innovation award by a Private University, World Education Summit, 2012.
4) Awarded by the South Asian Association of Law Teachers.
5) Most accomplished society of JGU, 2012
6) Best student in clinics, 2011 (Sharad)
7) Best student in public interest, 2012 (Shireen)
8) Best student for clinics, 2011 (Shireen)
9) Best University Citizenship and Public Service Award

Core Committee

Vinay Krishna Kodali

Narayan Gupta

Rishabh Gupta

Vasudha Singh

Sonu Aurora Nimmatoori

Shubham Gill

Harman Khorana