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Other Matters

What do I need to bring with me?
The list of items provided for each student in each room in the Student Housing consists of:
Bed with a Mattress and Pillow
Bed and pillow covers
Desk and Chair
The items that you may wish to bring with yourself are:
Additional Bedcover, if required
Stationery for personal use
A lockable suitcase for your own use
A soup bowl/ a dinner plate/ dish/ glass/ mug, some cutlery etc. for personal use, if required.
Is there a dress code for students?
No, but they should wear respectable clothes. When there are University functions, official events, moot courts or similar activities, they should wear a formal dress. It is advisable to carry two sets of formal wear for these activities.
What are the documents required for admission of International students?
i. Visa: All international students will require a student visa endorsed to Jindal Global University for joining full time courses. No other endorsement is acceptable. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course. A visa is not required for NRI student.