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What facilities does JGU have?
JGU is located on an 80-acre residential campus in Sonipat. Though young, the University has an extremely modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities for students and staff. Some of the facilities available on campus are noted below. Further details are available at: http://www.jgu.edu.in/public/internationaloffice/content/facilities-and-....
IT Resources
Student Residence
Dining Halls and other eateries
Sports Facilities
Fitness and Health
Postal and Courier Services
Convenience Store
Transport Facilities
Campus Security
Further details are available at: http://www.jgu.edu.in/public/internationaloffice/content/facilities-and-...
What housing facilities are provided for students at the University?
JGU is a residential university and provides on campus housing for all its students. In keeping with the cultural dynamics of educational institutions in India, all residence halls are single gender accommodations. The rooms in the girls’ residence halls consist of four students sharing a room with two toilets. The rooms in the boys’ residence halls are dual sharing with a single toilet. Further details are available at: 
Are all students required to live on campus?
JGU is a residential campus. All full-time JGU students are required to stay on campus. Exchange and those enrolled in weekend study mode may stay off-campus though accommodation is available in JGU residence too. 
What are the dining facilities?
There is a Dining Hall and a few other catering outlets in the campus. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner are served in the Dining Hall. Dining charges are included in the annual fees paid by students for a programme. There are certain timings for meals and this information is available on arrival. Only vegetarian meals are served in the Dining Hall. However, students are free to buy non vegetarian food through other catering outlets on the campus.
What are the laundry facilities?
We have automated laundry facilities and therefore you do not have to spend time to do your own laundry. 
What are the banking and ATM facilities?
An HDFC Bank ATM machine is available on campus. If students want to avail banking facilities with the Bank, they may do so by opening a student account with zero balance. (Contact person: Mr. Ankur Bahel, Assistant Director, Finance, JGU - +91 8930110767)
What are the safety and security arrangements on campus?
In line with a majority of universities around the world, the University takes campus security seriously. It has deployed professional security officers and guards, male and female, on a 24x7 basis. The campus is secured also with CCTV cameras at various points and all entry/exit points. Student exit/entry from campus is monitored with bio-metric scanning.