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English Language Centre

The English Language Centre plays a critical role in helping international students learn English for their academic and non-academic pursuits. All four language skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening form part of the curriculum followed by the Centre. 
English language classes are held regularly almost five days a week. Students from all levels can attend the courses and workshops run by Centre. Masters and PhD level students can get guidance in writing their thesis and dissertations. 
The Centre also organizes international collaboration in language and culture by encouraging international students to conduct classes and workshops for local students. This is aimed at bringing an amalgamation of culture through the English language.  
Students can enroll themselves into the courses run by the Centre at any time of the academic year. However, it is better to approach the Centre and be part of the Centre right from the beginning. 
The English Language Centre remains open five days a week from 9am to 5pm. Students can walk into the Centre or make an appointment with Dr Gopa Nayak for any of the language support needs.  
Teaching Faculty
Dr Gopa Nayak, Director
DPhil from the University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Jagdish Batra, Joint Director
M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. (English)