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Campus Life

Is there a code of conduct for students?
Yes. Ragging and discrimination of any kind and behavior resulting in damage to property or person on the campus will incur penalties. Details are available in the Student Handbook.
Are smoking and alcoholic drinks allowed on campus?
No. The University is a smoke-free campus. Alcoholic and other psychotrophic drugs are not allowed on the campus.
What activities can a student indulge in while on campus?
A number of students have professional quality talents in music, dance, drama/theatre and a variety of other activities. Students will experience a healthy and robust cultural life on campus. International students have the opportunity to present shows relating to their own country and culture. JGU also has the practice of celebrating the national day of countries from where the students have come. Faculty members and other staff members will be ready to help and support you.
Students also have the opportunity to improve their skills in games and sports via practice sessions and professional coaches arranged by the University.
A number of celebrations are also organized for those students who remain on campus during major festivals.
Are students allowed to bring their cars or motorbikes to the campus?
No. Students are not allowed to bring their personal vehicles to the campus.
Can students go out in the evenings or weekends?
Since this is a Residential University, going out on a daily basis is allowed for undergraduate only on a need basis and with prior approval. However, exchange students and postgraduate students may move in and outside the campus with prior information to the Warden of the University Halls of Residence.
What is an estimate of cost of out-of pocket expenses for a student?
This depends entirely on the student. A meal outside the campus may cost anything between Rs. 200 and Rs.500. There may be monthly expenses for toiletries. And any outings such as a trip to Delhi will cost roughly Rs.300 and a private taxi will cost much more.