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At JGU, the Admissions and Outreach department goes beyond the call of duty to better understand the needs of potential students, their parents, teachers and educators of high schools across India and the world. The admission team in JGU is extremely passionate, diligent, caring and honest – all of which are essential in those who counsel students for higher education. The team believes that in order to make a difference to its community, their task begins at home. In the higher education landscape in India, universities such as JGU are changing the way students approach their future. Information must be shared and transparency is a must.
The Admission Team of JGU encourages campus visits, faculty/staff interactions and communication, extended conversations with current students, and even explain course and curriculum in a detailed manner. The future of these students is directly in line with the universities. It is of utmost importance that we align our ambition and aspiration to their endeavors. Only then can we contribute to nation building through institutional development.
Our students are engaged in making a difference to the local community, playing a number of sports on a daily basis, taking part in intellectually stimulating debates, discussions and seminars, volunteering and speaking at conferences, acting and producing one act plays and musicals, organizing cultural festivals and so much more. The J-League football tournament has made the sport more accessible and has helped create a spirit of camaraderie on campus. A holistic and inter-disciplinary education is the need of the hour and at JGU we believe strongly in creating a platform for students to engage and excel.