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Academic Programmes and Related Matters

What is the medium of instruction in the University?
The medium of instruction is English. International students coming from universities where the medium of instruction is not English are arranged to attend English language classes offered by the University’s English Language Centre. Students from universities in India whose English language proficiency is weak are also required to attend these classes.
What other language options are available?
(a) Basic Hindi spoken language classes are offered to International students.
(b) Students in the M.B.A and the M.A.-DLB Programmes are required to take a 2-credit course in Mandarin offered by the Taiwan Education Centre in the University. Students in other programmes may take it as an elective.
(c) The following languages may also be taken as electives: Arabic, Spanish and French.
What are the areas of study?
JGU has five schools – Law, Business, International Affairs, Government and Public Policy, and Liberal Arts and Humanities. JGU is the first university in India to launch innovative study programmes, such as:
An interdisciplinary master’s degree programme in diplomacy, law and business;
A master’s degree programme in public policy;
A bachelor’s degree in global affairs which is normally offered in many countries at the postgraduate level; and
A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and humanities which is perhaps the first programme of its kind in Asia to expand employment opportunities for students.
In a number of these areas of study, students also have the opportunity to do a semester abroad or undertake other study abroad options.
What programmes does the University offer?
What are the Admissions criteria?
There are various requirements for admission to a degree programme in each School. Please refer to: http://www.jgu.edu.in/internationaloffice/content/admissions.
What is the weekly class schedule and where can I find information on academic matters?
Information on all academic matters and a copy of class schedule will be given to you on arrival. The Student Handbook published every year provides all other useful information.
Is it necessary to carry a laptop?
The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and all the requisite software for operating a laptop (like Genuine Windows) and education-related software are provided by the university. Students may find a laptop very useful for their daily work.
Does the University have Study Abroad options within its curriculum?
Yes. The University has student exchange and summer/winter school programmes with leading universities, and also dual degree programmes. Details are at: http://www.jgu.edu.in/public/internationaloffice/content/outbound-students.