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Project on School Education in Faryab, Afghanistan

This is a short term, third party project being executed in collaboration with Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA)( ). The project aims to critically and comparatively evaluate the sustainability of educational facilities set up by Norway and Department of Defence, USA respectively across ten different provinces of Afghanistan. Key findings of the project have been compiled in the form of a report published by IWA. For a copy of the report's full findings : (Click here)

Khanabadosh: Experiences and Implications of Afghan Refugee in India

CAS has been awarded a grant by the Research Committee of Jindal Global University (JGU) to execute a project on Afghan refugees in India.The foremost concern of this research will be to critically engage with the experiences of conflict displaced Afghan population in India living as non-camp refugees. The foremost concern of this research would be to engage with the question of what are the key drivers propelling Afghans to migrate to India in larger numbers? Second why does India lack a structured legal regime for refugee protection? An engagement with this question would also entail examining differing approaches adopted by the Government of India to different communities coming to the country in search of refuge. An engagement of such nature assumes significance in light of continued inflow of displaced populations into India, in addition to Internally Displaced Populations (IDP’s) within India.


Himabindu Karibhuktha

Himabindu Karibhuktha is an undergraduate student at Jindal School of International Affairs in O. P. Jindal Global University, Haryana. She had previously interned at the Center for Afghanistan Studies (CAS) and is currently as Research Assistant at Center for Latin American, African and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) at JGU. Her research interests lie in Development, South-South Cooperation, Humanitarian assistance and Refugee laws in India.


Shukriya Yari
Research Associate

Shukria Yari is from Afghanistan. She has done her schooling from Rabia Balkhi High School in Kabul Afghanistan and after that, she relocated to India four years ago. She is currently a final year student in the Jindal School of International Affairs at O.P Jindal Global University. Her areas of interests include Refugee studies and Development in APAC Region and she has been working as a researcher in these fields. After doing her bachelors in International Affairs, she wishes to pursue her Master's in the field of International Relations. In the future, she aims to work on public issues that challenge global and national inequalities and contribute towards shaping a more inclusive world.