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Pedagogy and CES

CES solicits graduate coursework and dissertations as well as convenes monthly meetings with graduate students to promote research discussions and reflect on their subject-specific specializations. CES has built an elective MA course entitled 'Europe and the World' integrated into JSIA’s MADLB since Winter/Spring semester 2013 taught by Dr. Rohee Dasgupta. The course addresses key issues in European governance such as, European integration, EU policy-making, European federalism, democratisation/constitutionalisation and European identity. Through ‘internal mapping’ of its borders the course provides students with a deep understanding of the changing role of the state, nations and nationalisms within European society. It studies the liberal-democratic compromise of the European ideology and its impacts on transitions of 1968, 1989 and the rediscovery of ‘civil society’ and cosmopolitanism. Contemporary European trends such as ideological convergence and the politics of risk and security; political participation and populism in western and post-Communist Europe; the challenges of multiculturalism and transnational integration: ‘governance’, ‘legitimacy’ and the diffusion of state power are scrutinized. The course is an overview of the trajectories of post-ideological, post-democratic and post-statal in Europe today and their influences on world politics.

From Winter/Spring 2015 CES will offer a second elective course entitled 'The Idea of Europe'. The course will be taught by Professor Kalyani Unkule, Assistant Professor, Centre for European Studies and Assistant Dean, International Collaborations, JGLS. The course will focus on European successive reconstitutions in history. Europe’s place in global history as an imperialist core will be reassessed in light of innovations in historiography. The European integration project will be studied in depth to deepen critical understanding of concepts such as federalism, sovereignty, legitimacy and economic and political union. Within present-day EU, Eastern Europe will be analysed as a separate mnemonic community as an exercise in further appreciating the nature of Eurocentricism. The impact of the global financial crisis on Europe will be comprehensively visited to gain critical grasp over the nature of globalisation and the backlash against it as evident in current debates and events. 

MA Dissertations in CES, JSIA [MADLB 2012-14] 

  • Nitin Arya – Trans-regionalism between the European Union and Latin America
  • Amit Kumar Jha – Turkey and EU enlargement: Problems and prospects for membership
    Work in progress paper:
  • Uma Singh – Green Politics of the Kyoto Protocol: EU and the rest

MA Dissertations in CES, JSIA [MADLB 2011-13]

  • Sonamika Bishnoi – Cultural Diplomacy of France, Britain and India: A Comparative Study
  • Purnima Kajal – Cosmopolitanism in Europe: From Vision to Praxis
  • Khushboo Saif – Euro-Islam and Islamic Feminism  

Keeping political and inter-cultural translatability in focus, CES-JSIA has built modern European languages like French and Spanish as elective modules within the MADLB. 

To enhance its pedagogical aims, CES in association with the JSIA will engage in grant writing to create an Indo-European network of staff exchange as well as enable students, upon completion of key MADLB course components, to conduct independent and interdisciplinary field/archival research within European studies for their MA dissertations.


Nitin Arya – Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaíso, Chile 

Courses taken:

Advanced level Spanish (B2)

Transnational Actors and International Processes: Latin America as an Actor 
Uma Singh – Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Courses taken:

Contemporary challenges in Environment and society

Diversity: conflict and consensus

Motivation, Leadership and Power
Anupam Hazarika – Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, Belgium

Courses taken: 

Linguistic Aspects of Ethno-Cultural Diversity  

Main Political Currents in Modern Europe  

Global Environmental Politics
Purnima Kajal – School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University

Courses taken:

Political Economy and Public Policy 

Introductory Comparative & International Affairs 

Practice of Diplomacy
Khushboo Saif – Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, Belgium 

Courses Taken:

Linguistic Aspects of Ethno- Cultural Diversity 

Introduction to Islam

Ethnic Relations