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Queen’s Law Faculty Welcomes University Students from India

16 September 2017
Kingston Herald

In a release by the University, Vivek Yavagal – who is enrolled in the LLB. program at Jindal – said he was keen to get international experience and attracted to Queen’s University because of the offered subjects and the profile of its professors.

He is also the second student to receive the Robert Wallace Best Exchange Award, following Neelam Singh who came to Queen’s Law on exchange from Jindal last winter and was the first recipient of the exchange bursary.

Mr. Yavagal is joined at Queen’s during the fall term by fellow Jindal students Shipra Jain and Sharad Jain, as well as Anusha Malik who said “Studying at Queen’s will provide me with an opportunity to compare the legal systems of Canada and India. It will also allow me to study interesting subjects like international economic law, information privacy and others.”

As part of the exchange agreement, Jindal students can attend the Global Law Programs at Herstmonceux Castle

Jindal Global Law School has expressed a goal to become India’s first global law school of international rank, and Queen’s Law was one of the first law schools in the world to establish a partnership with them.

“The exchange offers wonderful opportunities to students from both schools. Our agreement with Jindal adds to the growing list of student exchanges that Queen’s Law has with leading law schools around the world,” says Queen’s Law dean Bill Flanagan.

Four Queen’s Law students travelled to India this fall, and a fifth Queen’s student will visit Jindal in the winter term.