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CAS accepts applications for internships on a rolling basis. The internship is open to all students, preferably having a background in–but not limited to–history, sociology, political science, international relations and public policy. Your application must be accompanied by a CV; a cover letter of one page stating why you wish to intern with the centre. Interested candidates may send in their applications to

Should your application be accepted you are expected to intern for a minimum period of eight weeks. Please note interns are not offered any renumeration. You would expected to assist in daily administrative tasks in the running of the centre's activities and publish at least two short articles for the centre's blog or one research paper. 


Praagya Singh 

Praagya Singh is from Lucknow, India. Currently, she is a second-year student in JSIA at O.P Jindal Global University. Being an IR student, Her area of interests include domestic and foreign policies and how they influence the economic and social aspects of the country and also she’s keenly interested in geopolitical issues which leads to intra and interstate conflicts. She has interned with a government initiative body, Uttar Pradesh Bhumi Sudhar Nigam where she researched on women empowerment in social and economic fields through women self-help groups.

Yashh Vijay Golechha 

Yashh Vijay Golechha is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Currently, he is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Global Affairs at Jindal School of International Relations in O. P. Jindal Global University, Haryana. His main interests are in the field of International Law, Humanitarian Protection and Refugee studies, Dispute settlement and Peace Studies. He has written an article titled "Afghanistan's Unending War" for Centre of Afghanistan Studies. Prior to this, he has interned as a research assistant with ALT-IN Research, Nagpur. He also worked under Prof. Jessica Field at O. P Jindal Global University on her Refugee Studies and Forced Migration project during the summer, 2017.



Himabindu Karibhuktha
Affiliation: BA (Hons) Global Affairs, Jindal School of International Affairs 

My winter internship at the Center for Afghanistan studies (CAS) has been a fantastic experience. It gave me the flexibility to explore my interests and act on them. It provided me an opportunity to understand Afghanistan from a variety of different perspectives. My internship experience provided me enough space to align with and get accustomed to various activities the center undertakes, such as research, blog writing and interviews. CAS internship provided me a great environment for learning.