Your Time at JGU

From helping you since the time of your arrival to discovering JGU, our office is here to assist you to settle into JGU.

On Arrival at the airport
Kindly submit your flight information to our office beforehand so that we can arrange your transport from the airport to O.P.Jindal Global University.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is 50km from JGU and the journey takes around 1h30 min to 2 hours.

India’s currency is the Rupee (INR), you can exchange your currency for the Rupee on arrival at the airport. Alternatively, the local banks also offer foreign currency exchange services.

Ensure that your credit/debit card is enabled for international transactions. Many international students also prefer to open an Indian bank account for smooth transactions for their bills/expenses to avoid additional international bank charges. You can open a student account in one of the Indian banks once you arrive and register at JGU as a student on your study visa.

JGU offers this support on campus, keep your passport & student ID card at your disposal.

Health and safety in JGU and Delhi.
At JGU, we have a strong security force with around 120 security guards deployed 24 hours at our campus gates, hostel entries/exists, peripheries, academic block and all vulnerable areas. JGU has an effective round the clock surveillance system with more than 250+ CCTV cameral installed across the campus.

When you are outside JGU premises, ensure that you are vigilant and avoid any risky places for yourself or your group of friends.

Weather in Sonipat and in JGU.
Weather in Sonipat is changeable, May-June has the peak summers and the temperature drops to its lowest during January. Ensure you pack the right clothing depending on the time of your visit.

JGU has air conditioners installed in the academic block and housing facilities and heaters available during the winters.

Getting to know your way around JGU & Delhi
You can learn more about your Life at JGU here.

A symbol of the country’s rich past and thriving present, Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly together. It is a place that not only touches your pulse but even fastens it to a frenetic speed. Home to millions of dreams, the city takes on unprecedented responsibilities of realizing dreams bringing people closer and inspiring their thoughts. JGU arranges several tours for international students to explore Delhi.

Students with physical or learning disabilities.
JGU has a disability support committee to ensure that students with disabilities can have smooth learning conditions, especially during examinations.

JGU Clubs and Societies
Over 28 clubs and societies are available for you to join or attend. Find a list of student-run organizations at JGU.

JGU Facilities
JGU Campus is designed by renowned, award-winning architect Stephane Paumier. The fully air-conditioned campus with student and faculty housing also boasts of multimedia-enabled auditoriums and theatres in addition to state-of-the-art classrooms. Check our JGU’s facilities here.