Student Counselling Sessions

Outbound (exchange) students are students from O.P. Jindal Global University (the home institution) going to another university (a host institution) to pursue a semester exchange, study abroad or dual degree programmes as per the collaboration agreement between the two universities.

In JGU’s aim towards bridging students’ aspirations for quality international exposure through available world-class opportunities for studying abroad, the Office of International Affairs & Global Initiatives has been lending the required support to the students in the form of study abroad advice and counselling session in their pursuits of higher education and career, respectively. IAGI’s study abroad advisors are available on regular basis for the students across JGU schools to avail one on one guidance on their international higher education pursuits. Our study abroad advisors wish to help you in the following ways and more-

  • Most suitable study-abroad programme
  • Best university to study from
  • Flexible & diverse structure of programme abroad
  • Tuition and living expenses

The aim of the counselling session is to help students narrow down on their areas of interest and accordingly help them choose the country and university for their studies. In our pursuit to offer a seamless study abroad transition to our students we also gather feedback based on student experience and use it to alter our existing partnerships is a meaningful way.