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Incoming Students

Full-time programmes leading to a degree
International students may apply for JGU’s full-time Bachelors and Masters programmes. The list of programmes is available here.               
The International Student Exchange Programme (ISE) provides students with the opportunity to study for one semester at JGU. Exchange students may gain academic credit towards their degree where the specific requirements of both participating ISE institutions are met.
JGU’s partner university students may apply for a semester exchange programme by completing the International Student Exchange Application Form available on our website: http://www.jgu.edu.in/internationaloffice/application/node/1
No tuition fee shall be payable by ISE programme students. However, an exchange student is liable to pay for accommodation, dining, laundry and out of pocket expenses in JGU, and for travel, visa, insurance etc.
Student residence, dining and laundry information is available on http://www.jgu.edu.in/internationaloffice/content/facilities-and-infrastructure 
Semester fee for student residence, dining and laundry: Rs. 87,500*.

*subject to change from year to year

Out of pocket expenses, approximate: Rs. 20,000
For currency exchange rate, please visit http://www.xe.com/ucc 
Jindal Afghanistan Scholarship and Empowerment Programme (JASEP)

Jindal-Africa Scholarships