O.P Jindal Global University

Swagato Sarkar

Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean, JSGP

Swagato Sarkar obtained Masters in Social Work from the Tata institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He received his M.Phil and D.Phil. degrees in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, UK. He is broadly interested in the politics of development and anthropology of democracy, focusing on local political economy, power relationships and decentralised governance. He has also studied labour conditions, did archival work on the conditions in the 19th century Assam tea gardens, and an ethnography of child labour in West Bengal, and commercial sex workers. Swagato has worked in the NGO sector as a food policy analyst and managed a community food security programme in Orissa. Swagato is currently pursuing three sets of research interests: governmentalisation of the state and emergence of technology mediated governance, urbanisation of agrarian societies in the last 25 years, and the ethical foundation of Indian democracy.