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The Centre for Comparative and International Taxation (CCIT) is an academic initiative at Jindal Global Law School which seeks to encourage research and scholarship in the areas of domestic and international taxation.

The area of taxation laws is very dynamic and one which throws up interesting issues for consideration of the courts, policy makers and academics, alike. India is on the anvil of a number of policy reforms in the domain of direct and indirect taxation laws which calls for a greater debate. Internationally, the emergence of tax havens and consequent tax avoidance and evasion has been a growing concern. Taxation laws are closely interconnected with a number of other disciplines such as constitutional law, corporate law, intellectual property law and international trade law which makes for an interesting multi-disciplinary scholarship.

CCIT aims to become a bustling hub for international tax law research and serve as a platform for deliberating on key legal and policy issues. In its process of contributing to the future of the tax law and policy, CCIT aims to forge relationships with institutions working in similar spheres. CCIT’s mission includes generating and sustaining the interest of students and researchers in the discipline. CCIT seeks to spread awareness by undertaking a number of activities such as mentoring students to produce research papers, conduct seminar talks by leading experts in the field, hosting an annual budget talk, amongst other initiatives.