India’s rising economic and military might must be complemented with a world class international affairs social science base that will generate.

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JSIA fosters curriculum, research, and collaborations of the highest standards, and with a global perspective, through a faculty drawn from and educated throughout the world.

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JSIA offers world class inter-disciplinary education that connects a completely new mega-discipline that can be labelled as ‘global policy studies’ or ‘world affairs studies’. It is the first Master’s degree awarding graduate school in any Indian University which combines three inter-related disciplines, viz. International Relations, International Law and International Business. JSIA also offers an undergraduate degree in Global Affairs. Admissions are now open for both the programmes. To apply, click on the programme application link below.
From the fall of 2015, we have been offering a three year B.A. in Global Affairs degree designed for (10+2) grade students who are interested in international policies and the global processes that affect all societies.

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Sreeram Chaulia

Professor & Dean, JSIA

B.A. Hons. (Delhi), B.A. (Oxford), M.Sc. (LSE), M.A. and Ph.D. (Syracuse)

Dean’s Message

JSIA’s main objective is to generate and spread interdisciplinary social science knowledge that informs current and future international policymaking, via rigorous academic training of qualified graduate students. This dovetails with JGU’s overall institutional goal of becoming a knowledge storehouse in the social sciences, which have been long played second fiddle to the hard sciences in Indian academia.

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Ms. Aleksandra Mineeva

Senior Research Associate, Jindal School of International Affairs

Dr. Deep K Datta Ray

Associate Professor, Jindal School of International Affairs

Dr. Rohee DasGupta

Associate Professor and Executive Director, Centre for European Studies (CES) and Convener, Jindal Centre for Israel Studies (JCIS)

Dr. Samrat Sinha

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs) and Assistant Director, Centre for Study of Political Violence, Jindal School of International Affairs

Dr. Jessica A. Field

Assistant Professor