B.A. (Hons.) Economics

B.A. (Hons.) Economics

start date

01 Aug’ 2018

End date

31 Jul’ 2021


3 years



Annual Tuition Fee

Rs. 2.5 lacs

The BA economics programme aims at developing among students a sound theoretical understanding of the subject along with practical applications. The idea is not to instill interest in any one particular area of research or cater to the requirements of a particular kind of job. Studying economics today opens up several possibilities for the future, and the idea is to guide students select their own trajectory in career advancement.

Total number of courses: 25 (3 credits each)

Economics Core: 13

Economics Optional: 6

Colloquium based Research Paper: 2

Other Courses: 4 (Environmental Studies, Introduction to Social Theory, Equity & Fairness, English Language Writing)

Number of Credits: 75

In a semester, students can opt for a maximum of 15 credits.

In the last two semesters, students can opt for more than 6 optional courses (provided the total number of credits in a semester does not exceed 15). For the purpose of calculating final cumulative grade points, scores obtained in the best 6 optional courses will be considered (even though all grades obtained in all courses will be mentioned in the final transcript).

The B.A. (Hons.) Economics is one of the few undergraduate degree programmes that open several possibilities for immediate employment. In many firms, including banks, financial institutions, and large manufacturing companies, require economists with analytical skill sets in substantial numbers. There is a growing demand for economics graduate in the domain of analytics, including business consultancies, forecasting, survey and marketing agencies. The B.A. (Hons.) degree in economics is also a good stepping stone for careers in government at the state, national, or international levels. The JSGP B.A. (Hons.) Economics provides a sound foundation for pursuing higher studies in business management and in law, especially corporate law. It will be an ideal launch pad for those who seek to pursue post-graduate and doctoral studies in economics in universities in India and abroad and careers in teaching and research. By completing the course curriculum at JSGP, a student would have the knowledge base and the required skills to navigate through the pressures of higher studies and competitive job markets. JGU provides extensive assistance to graduating students for placements. A dedicated professional Placement and Career Development Cell conducts workshops on writing up student profiles, preparing them for job interviews, and offers individual counselling.