Quality Assurance and Enhancement Measures

The QA practices implemented in JGU include the following:
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
1. A competitive student recruitment system promoting equal opportunity and diversity.
2. Implementation of Outcome Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL).
3. Use of a variety of teaching methodologies including experiential learning.
4. Collecting student feedback (Teaching and Learning Feedback Questionnaire) at the end of every semester for all courses, for continuous improvement of courses and programmes. JGLS also collects mid-semester feedback.
5. Mentoring systems in Schools to help and support students.
6. Use of external advisory boards consisting of eminent academics and professional experts from leading universities and other organizations from other countries.
7. Teaching Excellence Awards to promote reflective and good quality teaching.
8. Development of common goals in the form of Graduate Attributes.
9.   Carefully considered student assessment policies, guidelines and regulations.
Faculty and staff related
1. A system to hire high quality faculty members from around the world.
2. Faculty and staff orientation and professional development programmes.
3. Faculty offices allocation system aimed at promoting collegiality across the University.
Student related
1. Student orientation programmes.
2.  Development and implementation of a student code of conduct.
3.  Policies and systems to deal with student disciplinary matters, sexual harrassment and gender-related issues.
Research and Community engagement
1. Policies and procedures to promote research via research grants and organizing international conferences to engage with partner universities with or without an MoU for joint research and publications.
2. Active programme to invite eminent scholars and researchers for seminars and conferences.
3. Research Excellence Awards to stimulate research.
4. The creation of research clusters in the form of research centres.
5. Actively seeking and engaging in community development projects.
Governance and Accountability related matters
1. Clarity of roles and responsibility.
2. Clarity of Vision and Mission.
3. Performance appraisals systems for faculty and non-academic staff.
4. Feedback system for facilities and services.
5. Annual Academic Programme Review system.
1. Systems to ensuring the quality of support services (Smart classrooms, Library, IT and Wi Fi, Sports facilities, etc. through a robust system of decision-making. 
2. Support systems for enriching the cultural life of students